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Happy New Year

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It’s clear that meeting Alkaline Trio was all too much for me, and I abandoned this blog to marvel at that.

Truth is, life has ticked over pretty well, with nothing SUPER exciting occuring worth talking about.

Sam took me to the Irish Embassy as his plus one towards the end of the year for a charity event, which led me to getting a hug from Dara O’Briain. That was pretty damn awesome.

New year was a random occurance. We (Sam and some of his uni mates) ended up on a roof of a block of flats that had a view of the Olympic Park (and a distant view of the central fireworks) ringing in midnight, then we bowled into a house party that no one we spoke to seemed to be hosting, but we were made incredibly welcome, and had a very good time. Getting home at 3-4am from East London isn’t particularly fun, but to be honest I slept a lot of the way heh.

2013 will be the year I purchased a lot of knitted clothing. I have expanded my cardigan/jumper collection considerably. Up the punx.

Lets see what 2014 brings.

I don’t know why, but whenever I pass an offlicence, or go through the alcohol section of a supermarket, I like to check for bottles of Jagermeister. Or if I’m passing a shop on the bus, my eyes dart across the visible shelves to check.
I do like the stuff, its one of my tipples of choice, but I have no need to know such information. I don’t drink massive amounts of it regularly. It’s not as if I buy it particularly regularly either (I rely in birthdays or duty free!). Though seems like my mind has other ideas. Like its going to be essential to know where I’ll get my next bottle. I guess its handy information in a partying emergency, but right now there are at least two bottles at home!


I wish I could play these better.

Up yours, Blogger

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One thing I do love about WordPress, is that once you get your head around certain aspects, changing things are very very easy. Themes for example. As you can see, I decided to go for a new look, and most of the time was spend looking for the theme than implementing it. I do know rudimentary HTML and the like, but it was always a pain in the bum having to spend hours making sure everything was perfect when I was a Blogger-hosted er, blogger.

I take off my proverbial hat to you, WordPress.

There is one problem though – if things are broken its bloody hard to find out why.

And for my own purposes, testing some shizzle – but I’ll throw in a ridculous dog for your enjoyment:

This text is also for testing purposes, move along now.

My blog doesnt seem to let me post pictures in the right places – so I’ve linked to them instead.

When I was younger, my grandparents used to live in a house that had an absolutely massive garden, in Hailsham, East Sussex. I used to love playing in the wide open space, and there was even a little “wild garden” area which had a little den, and I would spend hours wandering around, taking advantage of the garden I didn’t have in my own home.

When I was 2 or 3 years old and had finished eating an apple at home, I decided that I wanted to plant an apple tree. With some help, I dutifully wrapped a few pips in a piece of kitchen towel and kept hold of them until we visited my grandparents, and expressed my wish – my grandmother helped me plant them in a little patch by their greenhouse. Being a toddler I most likely forgot my long term dream of having a tree grow, but as is the way with grandparents, they didnt, and kept tending to the little sprout, which eventually turned into a tiny sapling.

Fast forward a few years, and due to the garden being as large as it was, and my grandparents not being able to tend to its vast needs they decide to move to a house with a more modest garden. My tree was not forgotten though, and I am presented a present on one of their visits to London – my little apple tree in a pot! I guess the hard part of cultivating was over with, and I was handed the responsibility of looking after it. Space was made on our patio for the tree, and there is has lived ever since, with a replanting into a bigger pot or two.

It’s had its share of problems – greenflies, some strange back stuff, my mother cutting it back within an inch of it’s life, but it has prevailed, for all 25 years of it’s life. I’m proud of my little tree!

One thing that it’s never managed in it’s life though, is to bear any fruit. Until this year!

I noticed in April that my tree has a few sprigs of blossom. It was pretty, and being fairly motherly about the tree, I took a photo.


In May, I found a tiny little apple!

Mini Apple

So every few days I was take a peek, to watch this tiny little fruit continue to grow. I even tried to decide what type of apple it was by comparing it to the types found in Waitrose. It had to be something that was available 25 years ago, and I would have eaten. I think we deducted it was probably a Braeburn.


By August, it was the size of a smallish satsuma, and my parents kept urging me to pick it soon, lest it fall off, be attacked or have some sort of misfortunate event. I prevailed, convinced it would continue to thrive. I glared if any of the neighbours grandchildren came into our garden (they are notorious for picking flowers regardless if they belong to them or not). I would pay nightly visits to my tree for an apple check (granted I can step out of my front door and there it is, but it’s more attantion than I ever would have thought I’d give a tree!).


It did continue to thrive, until the Wednesday just gone.

I was walking home for lunch, when I came to the pavement directly below my house (I live in a maisonette about a shop, so my “ground” floor is up a flight of stairs). I noticed a little apple sat on the pavement. My heart skipped a beat, I ran up my stairs to check my tree… which was bare. I was devastated. Granted it’s only a damn apple, but when your apple is 25 years coming, you do get kinda attached.
I ran back downstairs, scooped up my little casualty and entered my house, dejected. My parents were a mix of sympathetic, I-told-you-so, and found it a little funny. I can only speculate that either the wind has finally taken it off it’s branch, or something bird like might have tried to have it away.

Sadly I didn’t really want to take a picture of a half-smooshed apple, as it felt like rather a sad end. However I will tell you I gave it a very good wash, cut off the mashed up bits, and tried to eat the remaining half of it. As seems to be the end of this sad tale, it tasted extremely sour and woody.

But it was my little apple.

Mwah x

Day 29

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Day 29 – A song from your childhood

Lets go for the first song I ever bought as a single. I was a late bloomer when it came to music, as you may tell from when this came out:

It also doesn’t really reflect my musical taste now!

Day 28

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Day 28: A song that makes you feel guilty

I think it’s an odd emotion to get from a song. But hmmm…

Goldfinger – Free Me

It’s quite an upsetting video (in regards to animal cruelty) so your own discretion is advised:

Won’t embed this one

I was at quite an impressionable age when I first watched this video, and it was most likely a contributing factor to me becoming vegetarian.

There seems to be a common gripe amongst a lot of people recently which is so simple to fix, yet we have companies constantly taking the piss. That’s couriers, or the postal system in general. Something so simple in relative terms as getting a parcel from A to B in a timely manner. I’ve borne the brunt of several recently, I’d even paid extra for a parcel to arrive the day something was released. I think I got it 48 hours late. With no explanation.

Recently I was waiting for my new laptop to arrive, again on a set date. When it didn’t arrive, I ring Comet and they find that as Parcel Force hadn’t got my correct address, they just hadn’t bothered to let anyone know that they weren’t even going to try delivering it. So that’s a day staying in wasted.

I’ve had several friends whom have taken days off work for things to arrive only for their courier companies to turn around and decide that they wern’te going to come, and not let anyone know. So holiday time is wasted, with little compensation.

Now, I may be naive, but I thought the point of having couriers/postal systems is that they help us get stuff or send stuff, when we ask. We even pay for this help usually somewhere down the line. Surely nothing has changed much in that parcels have to get from A to B, just as they’ve needed to for the past few years. Why’s it become so difficult?

It wouldn’t matter so much that if they guarantee that something will get to it’s destination, but then if there’s a problem they TELL us. But they don’t.

I guess I’m just sour grapes because I got Cataclysm two days late.

There was more to this moan than something that seems to go nowhere, but I forget what it was now. Back to your lives, people.

Go Timmy Go!

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Perhaps if I blog if I’m on the move, I’ll do it more often. I’m on my way to badminton. I’ve been “playing” (i write it so as sometimes what happens is I run around like a spaz, less playing) for about a year and a half I think now, which feels like an accomplishment – I find it enjoyable, I see friends, and its a positive step in my general well being. I really do like playing sports. Some days I’m good at it. Other days I’m not.
When I was younger I played tennis, netball and I did trampolining competitively, all outside of school. I was pretty good, and my PE teachers often praised me at school for being a good sportsperson – even if I sucked at a game, at least I’d give it a go. I loved hockey, and volleyball. I sometimes came first in the dreaded beep test. Then I hit puberty, got lazy and things fell to the wayside.

Now I realise that I really should have done more to keep up with exercise in my teens, but who does at the time? So here I go at making things better.


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I tried making non wordpress members able to post in the comments, but I have had literally hundreds of spam comments in a week. Sorry, it returns to being members only.