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This happened.

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I’ve had quite the bank holiday. Or week perhaps.

It started with Bad Religion at Koko last week. They were tremendous as usual. The next night, Dan had managed to get tickets for Green Day at Brixton Academy, and offered me one. These days, I’m not entirely fussed with GD, as their albums post American Idiot aren’t great. But there were rumours that Dookie was going to be played in full (which turned out to be true). However, the day of the show FRANK TURNER was added as support, and well, you know how much of a sucker I am for that man. The gig was OK, Frank was excellent, and Green Day were good for most part – their new songs are questionable, but the old stuff holds up well. They’re tight as anything, but they’vew started to get a bit “WAAAAYY-OOOHHH” happy – it’s unnecessary.

Thursday Sam and I went to see Kick Ass 2. We missed the first 5 minutes due to slow service in a pub, but the rest was very good. Not as good as the first, but still holds up well.

On Friday I had asked my boss if I could leave early, in order to hot foot it to Reading Festival, to catch Frank Turner first and foremost. I made it 3 songs into his set, along with a whole host of blisters from my Dr Marten’s I hadn’t worn in months. Ouch. I proceeded to see The Computers (great), Deftones, System of a Down, Alkaine Trio (ace) and part of Green Day. I left for the last train, and wasn’t that miffed to not see their entire set, having seen them on Thursday.

Saturday I made my way to the site in time to catch Chuck Ragan (bloody love that man), Off With Their Heads (excellent), Sonic Boom Six, King Prawn and The Bronx (brutal as always), whilst I had myself camped in the Lock Up Tent I made friends with a guy who was an Oxfam marshal for the weekend and seemed nice enough.

I left early as I wanted to get home in order to ready myself for Sunday, plus avoid twats who accost you for your wristband. That’s the only problem I had with going to Reading on my own, feeling pretty intimidated off site by the men who hang around outside the gates asking if you’re going home, as they want your ticket/wristband. There were reports of people being mugged for them too. I got a cab to the station on Saturday night, and it was the most reassuring £5 I spent that weekend! My little triumph of the weekend was also buying a cider without ID or an over 18 wristband. I finally look old!

Sunday I helped my workmate clean and feed the animals at the surgery, before having a quick shower, and returning to meet other workmates to head to Newbury as Louise was getting married at the Watermill Theatre. After accosting the poor cleaning girl and demanding we get into our room at our hotel early, we spruce ourselves up, and head to the wedding. It was so lovely, and perfect for Lou and James. We all enjoyed ourselves immensly, as did the bride and groom! The next morning was a tad painful in terms of tiredness, as we headed home to once again help a workmate with the animals. I tried to nap, but I was interrupted by Sam, who offered to cook me dinner and to watch a film on his sofa – I chose Frankenweenie, which I was yet to see, despite it being Tim Burton and perfect for me. It was very sweet.

Tuesday I received an email saying I had won a competition to MEET AND GREET ALKALINE TRIO. My favourite band in the whole world. Meet them. Actually face to face meet them. To say I was excited was an understatement! I think my exact actions were I left from the desk I was sitting at, found my nearest workmate, and did a stupid little dance.


I spent a few days in Amsterdam in April. I really really like the city, I would happily return at some point, and our hotel was lush. Only downside was dropping my beloved phone down the hotel toilet, as I had forgotten it was in my back pocket. It was insured so that was sorted fairly quickly. Kudos to Orange Care. Anyway, Amsterdam was excellent.

Record Store Day was as eventful as ever. Mum and I decided to stay in the Kingston Travelodge as we can then get to Banquet Records at an absurdly early time, and hopefully negate the time to queue. We had dinner with my sister in the nearby GBK, and then retired for a really bad nights sleep (who’d have thought, Kingston town centre on a Friday night would be an ideal place to sleep?), getting up at 4am, to join a queue that was already 30 strong. Damn!

By 7am:

Still, I got in by 9.20am, bought everything I wanted and was off home for a nap. Then BACK to Banquet to watch Frank Turner do an instore! I was incredibly lucky to get tickets (they sold out in seconds), and dragged Dan along for the fun. With the added bonus that I got to meet Mr Turner again! At the beginning of his fame, I used to bump into him a fair bit (I once bought him a drink when he supported Dashboard Confessional at the Barfly, as hardly anyone knew who he was. I also snuck into his debut album release party), but now he’s huge it’s impossible to catch him. This time, I remembered to get a photo, which has been splashed around various social networking sites.

I guess the next biggest thing is I’m seeing someone. An actual guy. Woop. It’s going well, I think, and it’s awesome :). Yay me.

Gosh, I’ve not written in ages. I guess it’s a mixture of being too busy to write, and then not doing anything at all of interest to write about.

Recapping from last year (heh) I went to the Olympics to watch the athletics, it was a brilliant experience. I also watched Wheel Chair Rugby (Murderball) at the Paralympics. Stephen Fry presented an award, which was odd.

I’ve been to lots of Quins home games. we won most of them.

I’ve been to gigs, lot of gigs. I have met Chuck Ragan, who I absolutely adore. I witnessed Hell is for Heroes and Hundred Reasons “last ever” gigs, which was both very sad and wonderful experience at the same time – I was personally invited by Hundred Reasons  (and was charged with rounding up a few other ex-forum members, like old times) to attend their after show party at their very very last gig at The Forum, as a thank you for being a fan for so long. When you get members of a band you love coming up to you at their own party, hugging you and thanking you for being there, I tell you, it’s hard to hold back the tears (especially after a few ciders). They are excellent guys, and I hope all the best for what they persue now. Having said that, I am looking forward to seeing part of Hundred Reasons play in St Albans in May.

We lost Sprog, the greatest cat in the world. He had developed a tumour in his chest, which was causing fluid to build up in his lungs. Rather than put him through hellish treatment which would probably not have helped, we decided to keep him going as long as his quality of life was good. Sadly, the time came to let him go. I still miss him terribly, and still expect him to creep up to me at times, or come to greet me when I come home late at night, or be sitting amongst the plant pots as I walk up out stairs to our front door…

We had Christmas.

Then to 2013. I am awaiting a referral letter that will put me towards having my wisdom teeth out, as I had excruciating toothache back in January – and am a freak of nature as my dentist discovered a supernumery tooth which is aiding in my pain. He called me “special”.

I saw The Book of Mormon, two days after it opened in London. It is EXCELLENT. Absolutely incredible, you have to watch it. That’s all I shall say.

I got another tattoo. I’ll post more about that some other time I guess.

My birthday came and went recently. One more year until I hit 30. Wow.

I shall leave you with this video, which still makes me laugh. As the box set was a lot of money, I decided that I would have it for my birthday, even though it was bought back in December (it was “hidden in my mothers wardrobe for 3 months!). I wandered into Banquet, asked the guys for the box set, and they panicked slightly as they had wanted to film it before it left the shop, to show how good it was. Sooo I got roped into their little advert, looking like a dork.

It is a beautiful set. It was even shipped in an ace cardboard box, which the Banquet boys insisted I have too :).

So the past month has been all very busy – It began with my trip to Groezrock, a punk rock festival in Meerhout, Belgium. I had a brilliant time along with Dan and Matt, and would definitely do the festival again if the line up is right. The travel to and from the festival was easy (though we did get on the wrong train at Brussels because they decided to not bother telling anyone the next train had been cancelled. Was fine though, we ended up in the right place eventually!). The festival is pretty well organised, apart from their weird camping system – they don’t open up all the camping space at once – stewards use a rope to open it bit by bit which caused a few arguments and a stressful pitching of tents but it worked out ok. The line up was sublime – Rancid were absolutely amazing and well worth the trip alone. I’ll write my thoughts on the festival in more depth in my little festival section when I feel inclined to.

After returning from Belgium, I had 3 consecutive days of Anti-Flag gigs – two at the Fighting Cocks where they played tracks from their first 4 albums one night, then the last 4 the night after. These shows were really fun, and I managed to hug all members of the band over the two days, so I felt accomplished. The 3rd night was Anti-Flags Anti Fest; I had won guestlist from an online music magazine so definitely felt obliged to attend. The only problem was it was at Hatfield University, and the trains decided to hate on me (the victoria line decided to just not run as soon as I stepped on it). I missed the Menzingers (my current new favourite band), but at least caught the Skints, The Bouncing Souls and Anti-Flag. Worth the effort.

The week after was spent watching Alkaline Trio and Dave Hause in varying capacities – at the Electric Ballroom on the Thursday, Dan Andriano and Dave Hause accoustically on the Friday at the Black Heart and then the full band again at the Barfly on Saturday. The Barfly gig was a request-only set which meant we could shout out the song we wanted to hear, and it turned into a magnificent set list! I also had to help man a stand at the London Pet Show over the same weekend, which was fun, though a little unproductive for us as no one was particularly interested in our surgery or goods, only the fact we had tortoises on show.

Since then I have calmed down a little gig wise – I have set Your Goals tonight at the Peel, followed by Slam Dunk South on Sunday. The weekend will mostly be about the Aviva Premiership Final – Harlequins VS Leicester Tigers. Its a good time to be a Quins fan :).

I have been having an absolute blast at gigs and Groezrock recently, it’s made me incredibly happy. There are still plenty of gigs to come this summer – just check my Upcoming Gigs section to see where I’ll be next :).

I’ll try and recount the past week or so soon, it was far too much fun!

I have decided that that this year it is time for a new tent.

It is a shame, as I really love my big pink heart-covered tent (aka Big Gay Tent II). I’ve had it for at least 4 years I think. It was bloody easy to find in a field, and served me well in torrential rain and scorching sun and everything that British summertime like to throw in between. Sadly, it’s starting to show wear from being on tour for a while – bits are falling off and it worries me it won’t withstand much more. Unfortunately decent crazy-coloured tents seem to have fallen out of favour with camping companies – especially with Millets whom seemed to be the forerunner for this sort of thing in the past – being in administration or some sort of financial trouble.

I had an amazing Rainbow tent once too (the original Big Gay Tent) but an upsetting bout of mold saw through that one. Don’t get me started on pop up tents. Scott amd I both bought one for Reading 2008 (mine was an awesome cow print design), and although we were smug in our 2 minute tent erecting, the night it rained soon put an end to our smugness. Its now been used as a sortage tent at a couple of festivals, as it’s waterproofing is something to be desired. I wrote a snotty review of it for the Argos website where I bought it, unsurprisingly it never showed up there.

So, after weeks of sifting through tent/camping review websites (I know, my evenings are oh so rock n roll), I finall decided upon a Coleman Phad x2. It looks like this, (or the above if you scrolled down to quickly). I thought it looks suitably weird to find in a field. Plus is exactly the same weight as my last one (I found this out by taking my old tent to work and weighing it on our dog scales).

So, I have asked for this badboy for my birthday. We shall see how it fares soon!

I have added another page to my site, in the form of The Ultimate Festival List. Hopefully this is a handy resource for anyone that is going to be packing for a musical excursion in the not too distant future.

Have a look. Comment if you wish.

I mean no ill with the above title, it’s a Blink 182 song. I try to play it every Christmas eve, like a little tradition. Look it up. It’s nicely offensive.

I sit on the eve of a new year, sat in my tiger Kigu (Crimbo pressie, innit), so thought I’d update briefly on my life. I’ve had a pretty busy month, as Decembers usually are, because that’s when everyone decides to come out of their collective shells and make an excuse to be sociable. I’m not complaining, I very much like being sociable and as one gets older it seems that the opportunity starts to diminish. Work has also kept me on my toes, with many many hours of overtime – emergency sugeries/procedures on a rabbit, a monkey, a bird, and a hamster with a massive testicle to name a few.

Gigwise, December is always a bit slow – bands travel back to their respective homelands and generally leave punters to make their own fun. I went to a double-whammy Bronx gig midway through the month with Dan, Sam, Matt and Sian where we watched (side project) Mariachi El Bronx at Kings College Students Union at the normal time a gig should be, then a few hours later at around midnight we found ourselves in a small bar called the Rhythm Factory in East London to watch the actual Bronx smash our faces in. Quite literally, I was unintentionally punched in the face and left the gig with a cut/fat lip. And a massive grin as I’d had a lot of fun.

Me, my sister and her boyfriend appeared on Never Mind the Buzzcocks. proof, y’all.

Christmas also brings about the traditional Christmas feast with chums (aka #xmasfeast2011). We chose The St Margarets as our food-provider this year, and I thought it was rather nice. I wore a dress – the first time I have worn one out in a social setting that wasnt a wedding. I even managed to wear it again for my work Christmas meal a few weeks later.

My grandmother had a hip operation a few weeks ago, and so is unable to drive up for Christmas day with my grandad, and so mum and I went down to Sussex to visit them to make sure they were alright. My nanny showed me literally the largest bruise I have ever seen, which although impressive must be incredibly painful. I wish her a speedy recovery as she is not the sort to be sat around for long periods of time!

Actual Christmas was the usual – I go to work Christmas day for a few hours to clean and feed everyone, we have breakfast, presents and eventually went to my aunt and uncles for a meal. I’m never that enthused with the day itself, I guess I’m too old, and lack children. Though I do like spending the down time lounging, occasionally venturing out the house to see people, eating copius amounts of cheese and mulling any alcoholic liquid that comes my way.

As for 2012? Who knows. 2011 was alright – I can’t complain to be honest. I’m alive, I had fun, but I dunno, I felt everyone else has something exciting happen to them, whereas I was just… here. I shall have try to do something about that.

I wish everyone a good night tonight, whatever you may be planning and a prosperous new year :) x

Pray for Tuscon

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On the 15th October, I went to see the Revival Tour roll into London town at the Shepherds Buch Empire. Exactly 6 months prior I had been so excited about this gig, even though I didn’t totally know what to expect, that I jumped on the sale of these tickets so fast, I got ticket numbers #3 and #4!

Basically the premise is that it is an accoustic collaborative “event” curated by Chuck Ragan (Hot Water Music) and he brings a merry crew of artists to play what can only be described as an awesome night. This time around we had the pleasure of Dave Hause (The Loved Ones), Dan Andriano (Alkaline Trio) and Brian Fallon (The Gaslight Anthem), as well as Chuck and backing instrumentalists. In the past I know Frank Turner has done it in the US too.

It went on for about 3 hours, with the guys playing songs together at the beginning, then 4 separate sets from each artist (with people dropping in and out to play/sing when needed), and then they come back together at the end. As each member has recently released solo material, theres a mix of their own songs, a few covers, plus songs from their respective bands. So, for instance, Dan played things from his “Hurricane Season” album, as well as his-penned songs from Trio, like “Emma”. Dave played a cover of Joe Strummer’s “Coma Girl”, which is one of my all time favourite songs. It was a truely special night, and I loved every moment.

Anyway, if you want to see what it’s really all about, they have posted an entire night from their gig in Köln on You Tube. I would heartily recommend watching this, or at least put it on in the background to listen to, as it’s a spectacular event. It’s giving me goosebumps reliving the night :).

The video can be found here: