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Gosh, I’ve not written in ages. I guess it’s a mixture of being too busy to write, and then not doing anything at all of interest to write about.

Recapping from last year (heh) I went to the Olympics to watch the athletics, it was a brilliant experience. I also watched Wheel Chair Rugby (Murderball) at the Paralympics. Stephen Fry presented an award, which was odd.

I’ve been to lots of Quins home games. we won most of them.

I’ve been to gigs, lot of gigs. I have met Chuck Ragan, who I absolutely adore. I witnessed Hell is for Heroes and Hundred Reasons “last ever” gigs, which was both very sad and wonderful experience at the same time – I was personally invited by Hundred ReasonsĀ  (and was charged with rounding up a few other ex-forum members, like old times) to attend their after show party at their very very last gig at The Forum, as a thank you for being a fan for so long. When you get members of a band you love coming up to you at their own party, hugging you and thanking you for being there, I tell you, it’s hard to hold back the tears (especially after a few ciders). They are excellent guys, and I hope all the best for what they persue now. Having said that, I am looking forward to seeing part of Hundred Reasons play in St Albans in May.

We lost Sprog, the greatest cat in the world. He had developed a tumour in his chest, which was causing fluid to build up in his lungs. Rather than put him through hellish treatment which would probably not have helped, we decided to keep him going as long as his quality of life was good. Sadly, the time came to let him go. I still miss him terribly, and still expect him to creep up to me at times, or come to greet me when I come home late at night, or be sitting amongst the plant pots as I walk up out stairs to our front door…

We had Christmas.

Then to 2013. I am awaiting a referral letter that will put me towards having my wisdom teeth out, as I had excruciating toothache back in January – and am a freak of nature as my dentist discovered a supernumery tooth which is aiding in my pain. He called me “special”.

I saw The Book of Mormon, two days after it opened in London. It is EXCELLENT. Absolutely incredible, you have to watch it. That’s all I shall say.

I got another tattoo. I’ll post more about that some other time I guess.

My birthday came and went recently. One more year until I hit 30. Wow.

I shall leave you with this video, which still makes me laugh. As the box set was a lot of money, I decided that I would have it for my birthday, even though it was bought back in December (it was “hidden in my mothers wardrobe for 3 months!). I wandered into Banquet, asked the guys for the box set, and they panicked slightly as they had wanted to film it before it left the shop, to show how good it was. Sooo I got roped into their little advert, looking like a dork.

It is a beautiful set. It was even shipped in an ace cardboard box, which the Banquet boys insisted I have too :).

The weather had been bloody good to us recently, I hope it won’t give up the ghost when it comes to having to sit in a field with music for a weekend. It doesn’t have to be as hot as it was at Glastonbury last year, that was sometimes quite uncomfortable. However, it was WAY better than the cold mud pit that was Reading last year (on a scale of Glasto ’10 to Reading ’10, make it more towards Pilton though ;)).

This weekend was mostly spent celebrating birthdays. Friday night I went Becca and ITDan’s new flat – it involved walking through Feltham to get to, and I survived! A horde of us watched a film called Fido which is fantastic! It’s a zombiefied take on those “a friendship between a boy and his dog” films, and is set in the 50s.

Have a trailer:

Having watched without even knowing what the film would entail, I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Saturday I went to watch Quins lose the final home match of the season against Sarries, followed by a Cake and Ale party in aid of Ellen’s birthday. There was a lot of cake, which I sampled. I drank cider (rebellious, me).

Sunday I headed to Alan and Tash’s for a BBQ in aid of Tash gettting older. The weather held out, I had a good time. Hope others did too.


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I just got a pretty solid smack round the back of my head with Drew’s badminton racket. I hasten to add it was an accident, and probably more my fault than anything (I couldn’t run forward fast enough it seemed). I seem to be picking up a lot if injuries of late – stupid things which bloody hurt. Last week I managed to drill a hole in my hand with a dental drill, gained varying scratches from rabbits and the pinnacle of fail I have a habit of picking/ chewing the skin around my thumbnail – usually if bored/stressed/etc. Sometimes I chew too much. I chewed too much. My hands were a pretty sight.

I had a good weekend – spent Friday night at the Patch, watched Quins win Saturday afternoon, then had a nice meal with my parents and aunt/unkle then spent a lot of Sunday trying to get a glastonbury ticket. I succeeded, in a round about way. It better be worth it!

This week is shaping up to be busy – had sushi last night (we sat opposite Jordan Turner-Hall, centre in the Harlequins squad :D), badders today, tomorrow I shall be watching back to the future in a cinema, dancing my face off to 65daysofstatic on Thursday then hopefully having a chilled Friday. Good times.

EDIT: I’d like to add more injuries to my list that I forgot I had – a blood blister from when I crushed my finger in something, and the fact I ripped 3 fingernails off simultaneously (and very painfully) when trying to close our dumpster-like bin. Woofail.

Come all within

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Harlequins 40, Exeter Chiefs 13. Woot.

First of all, I would like to say that, every single time I listen to “I Knew Prufrock Before He Got Famous” By Frank Turner, even if I don’t sing along to it (and if I do sing along, I usually belt out Frank Turner Songs pretty loudly) I feel out of breath. I don’t know way, it must be the timing, but it makes me feel all light headed and everything. I love it. Random fact of the day for y’all.

Going back a couple of weeks now, post Sonisphere, the next weekend was spent at Rugby (Tani Fuga Testimonal Match) on the Friday, then a Starseed gig on the Saturday. Saturday afternoon was spent in the pub with Rick, Amelia, Kat and Bjorn. We had some lumch, a little to drink and once everyone felt drowsy we parted ways briefly to ready ourselves to later that night. Kat had brought back some absinthe from her recent Spainish trip and had invited me to sample it. It was pretty rank to be honest. Literally tasting of BURNING. But we persevered, taking a small amount on the train Waterloo bound, and was thrust in Bjorns face once he had boarded the train. We make it to Camden and the Purple Turner, present Gerald with a gift of a Happy Meal toy (which is prompltly stamed on, burned and maimed to the full) and then carry on our merry drinking (snakebites om nom nom).
Starseed were ace as usual. Kat and I are targeted by some random man who was basically trying to hit on anyone possible (his chat up line was “I am going to start a band, but I can’t sing, or play an instrument, or have any band mates”) and we run away to dance to a mental version of Nellie the Elephant (which I have just found to be by the Toy Dolls) along with everyone else.
It gets to around 1am and most people have decided to disappear, and so Kat and I do the same. Upon leaving G and Andy drive past us without a hint of a lift home, bah! We catch a bus like the plebs we are, halfway home I get a text from G apologising from the lack of lift, and offering us a bottle of wine round his house once we got back to Sheen. Score. So the early hours of Sunday morning are spent drinking red wine, listening to music, and triyng on shoes (don’t ask).
So Sunday morning I get up late, and miss out on the chance of playing boardgames with Dave Gorman (so random, but bloody true).

Last weekend I went to the Pit. Absinthe was involved yet again.

I am so looking forward to next week. Bad Religion, Alkaline Trio, and Reading Festival are to feature. eEEEEEEEEeeeee.

EEEeeeek I haven’t posted for nearly a month. Terribly sorry.

I have had a moderately busy time, weeks have been spent working away – summer means holidays which means less staff which is a pain in the bum. For instance last week I worked from opening until closing nearly every day (I should have been on 8-4 shifts, but due to how busy we were and a lack of an extra nurse I was working 8-8 far too often). Sigh. I think I may have mentioned it before, but I don’t mind having to work longer hours, but when it eats into any social plans I have, it gets me down.


Hmm, what else. I have been to the Pit a few times, that’s always going to be fun! I have been to a couple of BBQs – namely Drew and ITDans. Drews was pretty drunken, we somehow managed to “throw” Drew onto his garage roof, so Becca and I ended up cooking. The day after we dragged ourselves into Giraffe for brunch (yum) then wandered along the river to Dans for BBQ/dinner.

I have celebrated a number of birthdays. Steve’s earlier in the month – we went to the Borderline and danced the night away to Indie. Leanne held her annual Birthday picnic on Clapham Common, which is always amazing fun. I came first in a sack race and won a rosette and a plastic water gun for my troubles (quite funny, as I am the shortest person by far, yet manage to leap the fastest/furthest). I wandered up the road to Balhamish way to wish my neighbour Kaitlin a happy birthday in a really nice pub called The Avalon.

Some rugby has been watched too. The Stoop held part of the Premiership 7s tournament and so mum and I went along (as it is free with our season tickets). Quins came 2nd which isn’t too shabby, as they are through to the final.

No gigs since Glastonbury, which is slightly disturbing. Though, festival season is pretty hit and miss – bands either wait for their festival slots or put on last minute warm up shows. I have tickets to see Trio in August before Reading, much excitements!

WoW raiding has stepped up to heroic modes (basically its harder). We have also merged with another raiding group.

This week includes Sonisphere from Thursday, which I am very excited about. I haven’t tried a new festival in a while, so thought it was about time!

Thursday evening mum and I headed over to Rosslyn Park to watch the London Floodlit 7s. Harlequins had a team in the running, and made it to the semi finals, before being knocked out by the bloody Saracens. It was a good evening, however I had shamefully missjudged the outside temperature for May and was freezing my arse off in a longsleeve top, quins shirt and small hoodie. A small part of me was relieved I didn’t have to wait to watch Quins play in the final (we got to leave at 9pm instead of 11).

Starseed played the Purple Turtle on Friday night, and so Kat, Rick and I made our way to show dedication. They were ace as always, and we all stick around to drink and generally faff (Rick less so, he leaves early after the band finish). Many drinks had, much hilarity ensued. We end up leaving the place at 2? Me left in charge of a Bjorn, Kat and Pete (I’m the only one who knows the way home sigh.) and after a fun night bus journey (I haven’t had one of those for ages) we bid farewell to one another and I end up in bed at 3.30am.

I wake up feeling a little worse for wear, though am out of bed and on my way to the Stoop in plenty of time to see the last match of the season – Quins vs Sale. QUINS SMACK IT 35-20. What a tremendous end (we may have not been too hot during the season, but oh well, we are given a gret send off!). Mum and I have renewed our seasons tickets, and have managed to move further towards the center of the Etihad stand so our view should be better :).

The evening was reserved for The Pit. Just Kat and I, as everyone seemed to have plans that I were unaware of until too late, or just generally were busy. Boooo, need to arrange something proper soon. Regardless, it was immense fun. We got in as Dave the bouncer’s guests (it’s who you know!) and spent the night wandering around, drinking Jagerbombs, chatting to people, hugging randoms, being bought shots by friendly blokes, popping out to jab the bouncers in the ribs and dancing like a spaz. Got to rip the piss out of Marcus (of Big Brother fame), to his face – he’s a hilarious bloke (he doesn’t half winge!). Got a lift home from Julian again, protected Kat from leery disgusting pizza place men and crashed in bed again at 3.30. I wore my new corsety thing too which I love (pic here excuse the face).

Today I have a sore throat :( phail.

Word to your collective parental units.

Harlequins vs Saracens at Wembley. The day was a good one, Wembley is magnificent as a sporting venue, very plush and is miles better than Twickenham in terms of comfort. But it is a lot newer, so it’s not surprising.
We were “treated” to pre match entertainment in the form of the band Lightyear, acrobatics, the cast of Warhorse faffing about (which, to be fair was really impressive – their horse puppet-contraptions are bloody clever – it was amusing to watch the Quins boys try and train/warm up whilst a fake horse wandered amongst them) and RIGHT SAID FRED (lol). We were sat on the middle tier, in row 1 and central (opposite the players tunnel) so had an awesome view of the pitch.
Quins played dismally – their defense was shit. We redeemed ourselvses a little from the massive potential trouncing, but we still lost.
After the match I made my way to Twickenham to drink with IT Dan and company whom had watched the game in the pub. Eventually people drifted off, and Drew and I were left to have a few more drinks, then wander home.

Sunday was, as mentioned before, spent sat on Richmond Green with Rick, Amelia and Bjorn drinking cider and Pimms. It was lovely. I am now horribly burnt on my chest though. Sillybilly.

Today I went for a CT scan. It’s in aid of my kidney stone, as it’s still causing confusion amongst the hoard of NHS staff I have seen – I’m in pain but not enough pain for them to be too concerned, or do much about it at the moment. Cue lots of diagnositc tests. CT scanning is pretty much like being trundled back and forth in a massive doughnut-shapped plastic machine for a bit. I find out results in a month.

Quins beat Leeds 46-11! Boooo yah.

My cousin’s hen night was fun – we started in a really posh bar just off Bond Street called Mews of Mayfair and moved onto an italian restaurant called La Caricatura. The food was amaaazing. Just the antipasti alone was so good and filling that no one really wanted to eat their main course. lol. My cousin’s fiancee supplies the restaurant’s wine and so they were very good to us – free campagne, a separate little area all decorated for us and tolerated us rather well shen we started downing shots of limoncello.

I had sushi with peeps on Monday, yum. We ended up in the Bishop in Residence for a post sushi drink.

The rest of the week has been rather non eventful – I don’t really know whats up with me but I’m getting really tired in the evenings, go to bed faily early for me (11ish, or I doze from about 10.30 if watching tv/reading) and then wake up, wide awake at around 6-6.30. I can’t force myself to sleep much more on the weekends. I was waking up during the night, but I seem to have stopped myself from doing that. I also feel tired in the mornings, even though im getting 7 or 8 hours of sleep a day. I first put it down to stress at work (we were really busy the tail end of last week) but it may also be the fact that I seem to be drinking less coke at the moment – not intentionally, but forcing myself to drink larger quantities of water in one sitting (yunno, help with the bastard kidney stone). So less caffiene I guess.

This weekend I am working reception (boo) then making my way to Wembley to watch Quins play Sarries. I shall be donning my shirt and taking a handful of flags. Come on the Quins! Probably Patch after that, but who knows.

My bank holiday weekend has been nice, although slightly marred by the fact it was in no way a holiday for me, having worked Friday-Sunday. I have today off, for which I am grateful!

Ben held his birthday celebrations in The Salisbury on Thursday night, which was pleasant. I like that pub, it’s central, it’s quite unusually decorated (very shiny) and you get served quickly even though it’s packed. The Goat from last week could learn a few things from them.
Dan and I saw the Lawrence Arms on Friday night, along with G, Andy, Dale and his lady. Firstly meeting up in the Fighting Cocks for a few, then gigwards. I enjoyed myself immensely, though TLA were better in my eyes last Friday, not quite sure why – they were still as fun though I guess the initial surprise that I had at the Islington Academy wasn’t quite recreated.

Saturday morning I had to work, then speed off to The Stoop to see Quins v Newcastle Falcons. We won! We actually won! 23-14 booyah. The pitch was slippery, people were toppling left right and cetner, and silly mistakes were make by all but we managed to pull off two tries and a heap of pentalies. Happy!
I got home, and the week-long stress of work and extra activities finally took it’s toll on me and I passed out asleep pretty early (half 10 i think, damn). I needed it.

I spent yesterday at work, followed by a lazy evening in the pub. After continuously chatting about food, I end up being naughty and sloping into the nearby chinese takeaway for dinner.

Today I am going to potter off to Westfields in the slight chance that the HTC Desire has found its way into shops. I have waited so damn long for a new phone.

As an aside I have started making myself read more recently – when I was younger I would devour books quickly and so often. Up until recently things have gotten in the way – namely working, spending free time going out or playing videogames. I have a whole stack of books that I’ve bought over the past few years just sat on the shelf desperately in need of picking up. So, I’ve currently got Howls Moving Castle on the go, as my parents bought me a first edition for my birthday a good few years ago. I am enjoying it, though the fact I’ve seen the film first does get in the way of the imagary (I am not one of those ZOMG HAVE TO READ BOOK FIRST purists – at the moment I’d say the Ghibli film was better).