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This is my character, Reepacheep on a Bloodbathed Frostbrood Vanquisher.

You get this by completing this meta achievement. To say I’m chuffed is an understatement, as it’s pretty hard work to get all those done. I have enjoyed my time in a good raid group on World of Warcraft, however the new game expansion is released at the beginning of December, and brings about changes which mean raid groups outside your guild are no longer viable. As I refuse to leave Prevailing Light, this means our group will dissolve come Cataclysm. Never mind, it’s been a learning curve, and shall give us a fresh challenge to raid as a guild again.

I have been up to a lot more than playing World of Warcraft. I guess I should bring people up to speed. Er, later.

EEEeeeek I haven’t posted for nearly a month. Terribly sorry.

I have had a moderately busy time, weeks have been spent working away – summer means holidays which means less staff which is a pain in the bum. For instance last week I worked from opening until closing nearly every day (I should have been on 8-4 shifts, but due to how busy we were and a lack of an extra nurse I was working 8-8 far too often). Sigh. I think I may have mentioned it before, but I don’t mind having to work longer hours, but when it eats into any social plans I have, it gets me down.


Hmm, what else. I have been to the Pit a few times, that’s always going to be fun! I have been to a couple of BBQs – namely Drew and ITDans. Drews was pretty drunken, we somehow managed to “throw” Drew onto his garage roof, so Becca and I ended up cooking. The day after we dragged ourselves into Giraffe for brunch (yum) then wandered along the river to Dans for BBQ/dinner.

I have celebrated a number of birthdays. Steve’s earlier in the month – we went to the Borderline and danced the night away to Indie. Leanne held her annual Birthday picnic on Clapham Common, which is always amazing fun. I came first in a sack race and won a rosette and a plastic water gun for my troubles (quite funny, as I am the shortest person by far, yet manage to leap the fastest/furthest). I wandered up the road to Balhamish way to wish my neighbour Kaitlin a happy birthday in a really nice pub called The Avalon.

Some rugby has been watched too. The Stoop held part of the Premiership 7s tournament and so mum and I went along (as it is free with our season tickets). Quins came 2nd which isn’t too shabby, as they are through to the final.

No gigs since Glastonbury, which is slightly disturbing. Though, festival season is pretty hit and miss – bands either wait for their festival slots or put on last minute warm up shows. I have tickets to see Trio in August before Reading, much excitements!

WoW raiding has stepped up to heroic modes (basically its harder). We have also merged with another raiding group.

This week includes Sonisphere from Thursday, which I am very excited about. I haven’t tried a new festival in a while, so thought it was about time!

Annoyingly, work seems to make me late for everything at the moment. Something always crops up at the end when I want to go home and get ready to go out. That’s the unpredictability of the veterinary world.
So last Wednesday I saw Story of the Year. Nostalgia-tip-tastic. I enjoyed myself immensely, even though I only remembered the last song.
Thursday I went for a curry with peeps to celebrate Tom’s birthday. Yum. Post curry a lot of people left, bar me, Drew, Tom and Andrea, so we decided to sit in the pub for a while.
Friday I managed to eek out of work bloody late, and meander over to Stein’s, an Austrian restaurant/hut sat next to the river in Richmond in aid of Tina’s birthday. As I had arrived late, most people had eaten and you couldn’t buy alcohol without food (bah) so Kate snuck me a pint until we moved onto Oneils. Had a drink, but was knackered, so made my excuses and left, getting a lift home from Lauren.
Saturday and Sunday I didn’t do much at all – I think it’s the first two consecutive nights I’ve spent in for ages! Saturday afternoon I had lunch with my workmates, as if I don’t see them enough in the week.
Monday after I had worked Matt drove me and Paul to Great Portland Street to show me the aquarium shop they have there – I kept meaning to visit and Matt’s a fish nerd so it seemed fitting. I bought some crystal red shrimp (red and white stripy shrimp!) and two bumblebee gobys (black and yellow stripy fish!) to add to my little fishy/shrimpy family.

Sunday night me and my raid group also managed to achieve quite an impressive feat in World Of Warcraft – we killed the Lich King. Also this many not be all that exciting to 99% of my readers, to try and put how significant it is briefly – think of the biggest hardest boss at the end of a game, thats the Lich King. Then, you have to get 10 different people each doing a slightly different task to coordinate and remember specific mechanics of a fight. Make the fight at least 10 minutes long – each time you die as a group (say 5 minutes in) you have to do it all again. It makes things tiresome, frustrating but oh so fun when it comes together. And we, Fancy Pants made it so :). Not *too* many people have managed to kill the guy yet, but I’m sure many will follow.