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I mean no ill with the above title, it’s a Blink 182 song. I try to play it every Christmas eve, like a little tradition. Look it up. It’s nicely offensive.

I sit on the eve of a new year, sat in my tiger Kigu (Crimbo pressie, innit), so thought I’d update briefly on my life. I’ve had a pretty busy month, as Decembers usually are, because that’s when everyone decides to come out of their collective shells and make an excuse to be sociable. I’m not complaining, I very much like being sociable and as one gets older it seems that the opportunity starts to diminish. Work has also kept me on my toes, with many many hours of overtime – emergency sugeries/procedures on a rabbit, a monkey, a bird, and a hamster with a massive testicle to name a few.

Gigwise, December is always a bit slow – bands travel back to their respective homelands and generally leave punters to make their own fun. I went to a double-whammy Bronx gig midway through the month with Dan, Sam, Matt and Sian where we watched (side project) Mariachi El Bronx at Kings College Students Union at the normal time a gig should be, then a few hours later at around midnight we found ourselves in a small bar called the Rhythm Factory in East London to watch the actual Bronx smash our faces in. Quite literally, I was unintentionally punched in the face and left the gig with a cut/fat lip. And a massive grin as I’d had a lot of fun.

Me, my sister and her boyfriend appeared on Never Mind the Buzzcocks. proof, y’all.

Christmas also brings about the traditional Christmas feast with chums (aka #xmasfeast2011). We chose The St Margarets as our food-provider this year, and I thought it was rather nice. I wore a dress – the first time I have worn one out in a social setting that wasnt a wedding. I even managed to wear it again for my work Christmas meal a few weeks later.

My grandmother had a hip operation a few weeks ago, and so is unable to drive up for Christmas day with my grandad, and so mum and I went down to Sussex to visit them to make sure they were alright. My nanny showed me literally the largest bruise I have ever seen, which although impressive must be incredibly painful. I wish her a speedy recovery as she is not the sort to be sat around for long periods of time!

Actual Christmas was the usual – I go to work Christmas day for a few hours to clean and feed everyone, we have breakfast, presents and eventually went to my aunt and uncles for a meal. I’m never that enthused with the day itself, I guess I’m too old, and lack children. Though I do like spending the down time lounging, occasionally venturing out the house to see people, eating copius amounts of cheese and mulling any alcoholic liquid that comes my way.

As for 2012? Who knows. 2011 was alright – I can’t complain to be honest. I’m alive, I had fun, but I dunno, I felt everyone else has something exciting happen to them, whereas I was just… here. I shall have try to do something about that.

I wish everyone a good night tonight, whatever you may be planning and a prosperous new year :) x