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I cooked mushroom risoniotto tonight. It’s kind of like a lazy risotto,  with orzo pasta. It’s very tasty, and quite rich as it contains both balsamic vinegar and creme fraiche. It didn’t take long, the most time was spent cooking the pasta – unbelievably the tiny pasta took 11 minutes to boil!

I don’t know why, but whenever I pass an offlicence, or go through the alcohol section of a supermarket, I like to check for bottles of Jagermeister. Or if I’m passing a shop on the bus, my eyes dart across the visible shelves to check.
I do like the stuff, its one of my tipples of choice, but I have no need to know such information. I don’t drink massive amounts of it regularly. It’s not as if I buy it particularly regularly either (I rely in birthdays or duty free!). Though seems like my mind has other ideas. Like its going to be essential to know where I’ll get my next bottle. I guess its handy information in a partying emergency, but right now there are at least two bottles at home!


I wish I could play these better.

I have added another page to my site, in the form of The Ultimate Festival List. Hopefully this is a handy resource for anyone that is going to be packing for a musical excursion in the not too distant future.

Have a look. Comment if you wish.

Up yours, Blogger

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One thing I do love about WordPress, is that once you get your head around certain aspects, changing things are very very easy. Themes for example. As you can see, I decided to go for a new look, and most of the time was spend looking for the theme than implementing it. I do know rudimentary HTML and the like, but it was always a pain in the bum having to spend hours making sure everything was perfect when I was a Blogger-hosted er, blogger.

I take off my proverbial hat to you, WordPress.

There is one problem though – if things are broken its bloody hard to find out why.

And for my own purposes, testing some shizzle – but I’ll throw in a ridculous dog for your enjoyment:

This text is also for testing purposes, move along now.


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I received my River Cottage Veg Everyday! book a few hours after writing the last post much to my joy, and was eager to try out something, as every recipe looks very tasty. I got as far as page 2, and settled on my dinner. This is chachouka. I made this very meal as pictured last night. It was extremely tasty. Basically it is a North African tomato and pepper stew with eggs baked on top. I have a massive weakness for hot smoked paprika, which this contained much to my delight. It took about an hour or so to prepare and cook (the timings the book suggested seemd a bit excessive to soften onion and pepper, but I went along with it), and it was well worth it -along with a bit of french bread it was very filling. My guinea pig mother also approved, which was handy as it was her dinner too.

The only recipe I can find from River Cottage to push you in the right direction seems to be this one which seems odd as I had very different ingredients (no duck eggs and it suggests tinned tomatoes in my version for a start), but you get the idea.

On a similar note, my fleece-lined DMs arrived too, and are really amazingly comfortable. I will get as much wear out of them as I can, until the weather dictates it’s not suitable to wear fluffy-lined shoes.


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Last weekend I spent the Amazon vouchers I received for Christmas. They partly paid for a pair of fleece-lined Dr Martens which I am incredibly excited about, and hope the weather stays chilly enough to wear them for a long time. Secondly, I bought the River Cottage: Veg Everyday! Cookbook. I want to try and cook a lot more variety – I really like cooking anyway, I am good at it, but I often lack the imagination (or time) to try things I haven’t done before. I watched the tv series on channel 4 a month or so back, really liked most of the recipies, and so it seemed like the most logical book to buy to kick start my brain. So hopefully I shall open up my repetoire of mad dinner skillzz(tm).

I may even post the results here, if they look good enough :)