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Yesterday I decided to get another piercing.

I guess it was sort of a last minute decision – just before my birthday, a friend had mentioned she had booked a tattoo appointment for later on in the month, and was asking people if they wanted to donate money as a birthday present to help fund it. I’d agreed to put some cash her way, and in return at one of my many birthday celebrations she asked if I wanted anything for my birthday. So it seemed logical that I’d get something at the same time, so I decided upon another hole in my ear. So I rang the studio, piggybacked onto my friend’s appointment, and that was that.

Before yesterday I had 7 piercings, all in my ears. I’m not a huge fan of piercings on other parts of the body, on myself anyway, so I stick to having needles shoved through my lugholes. As a brief recap, in my left ear I have two love piercings, a scaffold/industrial piercing and a tragus. On my right I have two lobe piercings, an upper cartilage, and now my 8th is a middle cartilage (I think it’s a helix/auricle to those in “the know”)!

We went to the Richmond Tattoo Studio yesterday morning, and were first greeted by the owner who thought I was under 16 (good start). After being kicked out for them to clean the place (we got there too early) we return, my mate is tattoed (much to my amusement – spinal tattoos are fun!) and I am given a single needle through the ear. Apparently I’m far too stoical when I have a 1.2 catheter stoved through me. To be honest, I rarely find it painful – it’s uncomfortable sure as it’s a relatively solid part of my body.

For anyone in the Richmond area, I would recommend the Richmond Tattoo Studio. The shop is very clean, and the guys there were civil to us, even warming to us towards the end. The prices are OK, £25 for a piercing may seem steep, but I’d rather pay more and feel happy about a place than get a cheap deal (and that’s what you get for the Richmond borough). My friend had originally booked a £30 tattoo, but the guy let her have another small one for an additional £10 which seemed good.

I now have to remember not to sleep on my right hand side, and I managed to smack the shit out of it whilst playing badminton this morning (causing bleeding and more pain than the actual piercing caused!). Better make sure I don’t have my haricut for a while, hairdressers tend to have a way for catching my piercings and then freaking out far too much.

I have decided that that this year it is time for a new tent.

It is a shame, as I really love my big pink heart-covered tent (aka Big Gay Tent II). I’ve had it for at least 4 years I think. It was bloody easy to find in a field, and served me well in torrential rain and scorching sun and everything that British summertime like to throw in between. Sadly, it’s starting to show wear from being on tour for a while – bits are falling off and it worries me it won’t withstand much more. Unfortunately decent crazy-coloured tents seem to have fallen out of favour with camping companies – especially with Millets whom seemed to be the forerunner for this sort of thing in the past – being in administration or some sort of financial trouble.

I had an amazing Rainbow tent once too (the original Big Gay Tent) but an upsetting bout of mold saw through that one. Don’t get me started on pop up tents. Scott amd I both bought one for Reading 2008 (mine was an awesome cow print design), and although we were smug in our 2 minute tent erecting, the night it rained soon put an end to our smugness. Its now been used as a sortage tent at a couple of festivals, as it’s waterproofing is something to be desired. I wrote a snotty review of it for the Argos website where I bought it, unsurprisingly it never showed up there.

So, after weeks of sifting through tent/camping review websites (I know, my evenings are oh so rock n roll), I finall decided upon a Coleman Phad x2. It looks like this, (or the above if you scrolled down to quickly). I thought it looks suitably weird to find in a field. Plus is exactly the same weight as my last one (I found this out by taking my old tent to work and weighing it on our dog scales).

So, I have asked for this badboy for my birthday. We shall see how it fares soon!