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Archive for March, 2013

Gosh, I’ve not written in ages. I guess it’s a mixture of being too busy to write, and then not doing anything at all of interest to write about.

Recapping from last year (heh) I went to the Olympics to watch the athletics, it was a brilliant experience. I also watched Wheel Chair Rugby (Murderball) at the Paralympics. Stephen Fry presented an award, which was odd.

I’ve been to lots of Quins home games. we won most of them.

I’ve been to gigs, lot of gigs. I have met Chuck Ragan, who I absolutely adore. I witnessed Hell is for Heroes and Hundred Reasons “last ever” gigs, which was both very sad and wonderful experience at the same time – I was personally invited by Hundred ReasonsĀ  (and was charged with rounding up a few other ex-forum members, like old times) to attend their after show party at their very very last gig at The Forum, as a thank you for being a fan for so long. When you get members of a band you love coming up to you at their own party, hugging you and thanking you for being there, I tell you, it’s hard to hold back the tears (especially after a few ciders). They are excellent guys, and I hope all the best for what they persue now. Having said that, I am looking forward to seeing part of Hundred Reasons play in St Albans in May.

We lost Sprog, the greatest cat in the world. He had developed a tumour in his chest, which was causing fluid to build up in his lungs. Rather than put him through hellish treatment which would probably not have helped, we decided to keep him going as long as his quality of life was good. Sadly, the time came to let him go. I still miss him terribly, and still expect him to creep up to me at times, or come to greet me when I come home late at night, or be sitting amongst the plant pots as I walk up out stairs to our front door…

We had Christmas.

Then to 2013. I am awaiting a referral letter that will put me towards having my wisdom teeth out, as I had excruciating toothache back in January – and am a freak of nature as my dentist discovered a supernumery tooth which is aiding in my pain. He called me “special”.

I saw The Book of Mormon, two days after it opened in London. It is EXCELLENT. Absolutely incredible, you have to watch it. That’s all I shall say.

I got another tattoo. I’ll post more about that some other time I guess.

My birthday came and went recently. One more year until I hit 30. Wow.

I shall leave you with this video, which still makes me laugh. As the box set was a lot of money, I decided that I would have it for my birthday, even though it was bought back in December (it was “hidden in my mothers wardrobe for 3 months!). I wandered into Banquet, asked the guys for the box set, and they panicked slightly as they had wanted to film it before it left the shop, to show how good it was. Sooo I got roped into their little advert, looking like a dork.

It is a beautiful set. It was even shipped in an ace cardboard box, which the Banquet boys insisted I have too :).