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This happened.

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I’ve had quite the bank holiday. Or week perhaps.

It started with Bad Religion at Koko last week. They were tremendous as usual. The next night, Dan had managed to get tickets for Green Day at Brixton Academy, and offered me one. These days, I’m not entirely fussed with GD, as their albums post American Idiot aren’t great. But there were rumours that Dookie was going to be played in full (which turned out to be true). However, the day of the show FRANK TURNER was added as support, and well, you know how much of a sucker I am for that man. The gig was OK, Frank was excellent, and Green Day were good for most part – their new songs are questionable, but the old stuff holds up well. They’re tight as anything, but they’vew started to get a bit “WAAAAYY-OOOHHH” happy – it’s unnecessary.

Thursday Sam and I went to see Kick Ass 2. We missed the first 5 minutes due to slow service in a pub, but the rest was very good. Not as good as the first, but still holds up well.

On Friday I had asked my boss if I could leave early, in order to hot foot it to Reading Festival, to catch Frank Turner first and foremost. I made it 3 songs into his set, along with a whole host of blisters from my Dr Marten’s I hadn’t worn in months. Ouch. I proceeded to see The Computers (great), Deftones, System of a Down, Alkaine Trio (ace) and part of Green Day. I left for the last train, and wasn’t that miffed to not see their entire set, having seen them on Thursday.

Saturday I made my way to the site in time to catch Chuck Ragan (bloody love that man), Off With Their Heads (excellent), Sonic Boom Six, King Prawn and The Bronx (brutal as always), whilst I had myself camped in the Lock Up Tent I made friends with a guy who was an Oxfam marshal for the weekend and seemed nice enough.

I left early as I wanted to get home in order to ready myself for Sunday, plus avoid twats who accost you for your wristband. That’s the only problem I had with going to Reading on my own, feeling pretty intimidated off site by the men who hang around outside the gates asking if you’re going home, as they want your ticket/wristband. There were reports of people being mugged for them too. I got a cab to the station on Saturday night, and it was the most reassuring £5 I spent that weekend! My little triumph of the weekend was also buying a cider without ID or an over 18 wristband. I finally look old!

Sunday I helped my workmate clean and feed the animals at the surgery, before having a quick shower, and returning to meet other workmates to head to Newbury as Louise was getting married at the Watermill Theatre. After accosting the poor cleaning girl and demanding we get into our room at our hotel early, we spruce ourselves up, and head to the wedding. It was so lovely, and perfect for Lou and James. We all enjoyed ourselves immensly, as did the bride and groom! The next morning was a tad painful in terms of tiredness, as we headed home to once again help a workmate with the animals. I tried to nap, but I was interrupted by Sam, who offered to cook me dinner and to watch a film on his sofa – I chose Frankenweenie, which I was yet to see, despite it being Tim Burton and perfect for me. It was very sweet.

Tuesday I received an email saying I had won a competition to MEET AND GREET ALKALINE TRIO. My favourite band in the whole world. Meet them. Actually face to face meet them. To say I was excited was an understatement! I think my exact actions were I left from the desk I was sitting at, found my nearest workmate, and did a stupid little dance.