Reepacheep's Ramblings V.10

Blatherings from someone who is not big nor clever

Yesterday I decided to get another piercing.

I guess it was sort of a last minute decision – just before my birthday, a friend had mentioned she had booked a tattoo appointment for later on in the month, and was asking people if they wanted to donate money as a birthday present to help fund it. I’d agreed to put some cash her way, and in return at one of my many birthday celebrations she asked if I wanted anything for my birthday. So it seemed logical that I’d get something at the same time, so I decided upon another hole in my ear. So I rang the studio, piggybacked onto my friend’s appointment, and that was that.

Before yesterday I had 7 piercings, all in my ears. I’m not a huge fan of piercings on other parts of the body, on myself anyway, so I stick to having needles shoved through my lugholes. As a brief recap, in my left ear I have two love piercings, a scaffold/industrial piercing and a tragus. On my right I have two lobe piercings, an upper cartilage, and now my 8th is a middle cartilage (I think it’s a helix/auricle to those in “the know”)!

We went to the Richmond Tattoo Studio yesterday morning, and were first greeted by the owner who thought I was under 16 (good start). After being kicked out for them to clean the place (we got there too early) we return, my mate is tattoed (much to my amusement – spinal tattoos are fun!) and I am given a single needle through the ear. Apparently I’m far too stoical when I have a 1.2 catheter stoved through me. To be honest, I rarely find it painful – it’s uncomfortable sure as it’s a relatively solid part of my body.

For anyone in the Richmond area, I would recommend the Richmond Tattoo Studio. The shop is very clean, and the guys there were civil to us, even warming to us towards the end. The prices are OK, £25 for a piercing may seem steep, but I’d rather pay more and feel happy about a place than get a cheap deal (and that’s what you get for the Richmond borough). My friend had originally booked a £30 tattoo, but the guy let her have another small one for an additional £10 which seemed good.

I now have to remember not to sleep on my right hand side, and I managed to smack the shit out of it whilst playing badminton this morning (causing bleeding and more pain than the actual piercing caused!). Better make sure I don’t have my haricut for a while, hairdressers tend to have a way for catching my piercings and then freaking out far too much.

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