Reepacheep's Ramblings V.10

Blatherings from someone who is not big nor clever


I spent a few days in Amsterdam in April. I really really like the city, I would happily return at some point, and our hotel was lush. Only downside was dropping my beloved phone down the hotel toilet, as I had forgotten it was in my back pocket. It was insured so that was sorted fairly quickly. Kudos to Orange Care. Anyway, Amsterdam was excellent.

Record Store Day was as eventful as ever. Mum and I decided to stay in the Kingston Travelodge as we can then get to Banquet Records at an absurdly early time, and hopefully negate the time to queue. We had dinner with my sister in the nearby GBK, and then retired for a really bad nights sleep (who’d have thought, Kingston town centre on a Friday night would be an ideal place to sleep?), getting up at 4am, to join a queue that was already 30 strong. Damn!

By 7am:

Still, I got in by 9.20am, bought everything I wanted and was off home for a nap. Then BACK to Banquet to watch Frank Turner do an instore! I was incredibly lucky to get tickets (they sold out in seconds), and dragged Dan along for the fun. With the added bonus that I got to meet Mr Turner again! At the beginning of his fame, I used to bump into him a fair bit (I once bought him a drink when he supported Dashboard Confessional at the Barfly, as hardly anyone knew who he was. I also snuck into his debut album release party), but now he’s huge it’s impossible to catch him. This time, I remembered to get a photo, which has been splashed around various social networking sites.

I guess the next biggest thing is I’m seeing someone. An actual guy. Woop. It’s going well, I think, and it’s awesome :). Yay me.

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