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Happy New Year

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It’s clear that meeting Alkaline Trio was all too much for me, and I abandoned this blog to marvel at that.

Truth is, life has ticked over pretty well, with nothing SUPER exciting occuring worth talking about.

Sam took me to the Irish Embassy as his plus one towards the end of the year for a charity event, which led me to getting a hug from Dara O’Briain. That was pretty damn awesome.

New year was a random occurance. We (Sam and some of his uni mates) ended up on a roof of a block of flats that had a view of the Olympic Park (and a distant view of the central fireworks) ringing in midnight, then we bowled into a house party that no one we spoke to seemed to be hosting, but we were made incredibly welcome, and had a very good time. Getting home at 3-4am from East London isn’t particularly fun, but to be honest I slept a lot of the way heh.

2013 will be the year I purchased a lot of knitted clothing. I have expanded my cardigan/jumper collection considerably. Up the punx.

Lets see what 2014 brings.

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