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My name is Kim. I live and work  in South West London. My date of birth is the 5th of March, 1984. I am a graduate of Royal Holloway University of London (which is neither in London nor near Holloway), with a Zoology BSc (Hons).
I am Nursing Manager (read: Head Veterinary Nurse) at one of the few exotic-animal practices found in London. I enjoy my job a lot, though it can be quite stressful. I am not a qualified nurse, but have been working as a nursing assistant since 2002 – so I have far more experience than a little bit of paper can give me.


I own a leopard gecko named Emo and an aquarium filled with small fish and shrimps. One day I would love to own a dog. A Manchester Terrier to be precise. My favourite animals are crows/ravens/corvids as they are insanely intelligent, and look badass. I want to own a raven called Jake one day.

I am a massive self-confessed music geek. I am formerly a writer for; I reviewed (albums/gigs/whatever is thrown at me) and interviewed bands. It was unpaid, but what I got back in terms of guest list places, press passes and the opportunity to meet the bands I admire was worth far more to me.

I try to go to as many gigs as possible. My genres of choice are punk, ska, emo, and most stuff in-between involving rock. I collect vinyl, especially Alkaline Trio’s back catalogue, which means I have a lot of the same album pressed on a lot of different colours.


I absolutely adore going to festivals, and my summer usually accommodates at least one or two (or three). I have been going to Reading Festival solidly since 2001, and Glastonbury on and off since 2005, with many others visited over the years. With this, I think I am more than suited to give people pointers on how to survive 3-4 days of mayhem. I would like to go to the US Warped Tour once day, but recently the line up hasn’t been quite as amazing as I used to think it was. Riot Fest is slowly taking over.

I try to play guitar, and ukelele.

Reepacheep of Earthen Ring EU

I am also a video games geek. I used to play World of Warcraft, my main was a night elf druid who goes by the name of Reepacheep on the Earthen Ring EU server. I was a proud member, officer and GM of Prevailing Light, and had a brief stint in Death Watch. I enjoy raiding, though have hung up my helm in return for largely being more social in the outside world.
I play Xbox 360 (Reepacheep182 – add me to watch me fail), Wii and DS at regular intervals. My favourite games of all time include Tetris, Abes’ Exoddus, Plants VS Zombies, Worms Armageddon and most things Sonic the hedgehog or GTA related. I now play a lot of iPad games.


Other interests include drinking with friends (cider and jagermeister are my tipples of choice – I am known as JagerGirl by few), doodling, trying to take advantage of living in London, dancing like a spaz at dirty rock clubs, and watching rugby. I support Harlequins (have a season ticket), and go to watch international matches at Twickenham whenever time and money allow. I play badminton occasionally. I wish I could have more piercings, but I don’t quite know what to get. I love tattoos, and the things surrounding them (the smell, the sounds of the tattoo gun, the reasoning why people get them), I have two – a paw print on my right ankle and a bird on my back which is a homage to Frank Turner, as it is copied from his album “Poetry of the Deed”. I have plans for more, but nothing excessive.

I have the most awesome luck when it comes to winning competitions I enter into, though a lottery win has eluded me for the most part (s’pose it doesn’t help I don’t buy a ticket very often).

This blog has been through several incarnations (hence being version 10). It first started out on 17th June 2001 on various free web hosting sites, and was moved onto my very own domain in 2005. Blogger was used up until the 25th March 2010, but now they are being rather mean in terms of not using FTP on their server anymore, it gave me the incentive to give wordpress a go.

The old blog archive can be seen at, if you’re so inclined to read my warblings from the age of 16. It’a an interesting time capsule to read back on for me. You, probably not so much, if you didn’t know me.

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